Three Top Tips to “Winterize” Your Entryway

The countdown is on! Winter solstice is at 11:28 AM on December 21st. You're about to be cooped up in your home all winter long, and that means it's gonna take a little more effort to keep things tidy. Instead of just staying on top of the cleaning, why not take some measures to prevent some of the dirt and dust entering your home? A good place to start is that very entryway people use to come into your home -- your front door! We've got three handy-dandy tips on winterizing your entryway!

  1. Get a boot scraper!

    Not pictured: All that dirty black snow that may accumulate on your duck boots -- why not scrape it  all off before you even get in your home? And when we have a warm weather spike after snow, well then, there may very well be mud everywhere. Stop it in its tracks! Put this bad boy on your front porch and you're good to go.
  2. Get a tough-as-heck Coir "Welcome" mat

    Wait, what is Coir?! It's a natural fiber extracted from coconut husk. The Coir fibers are extracted from between the outer shell and hard internal shell of the coconut; and are then screened, graded, washed and compressed into bricks. These door mats are sustainable, durable, look good, and will serve as a good way to get those boots and shoes even cleaner once they've run through your new boot scraper. But what's the next step after the mat?
  3. Bring in a bench!

    Add some flair to your foyer with a bench that also serves as a spot to take a quick seat and get those boots (or shoes) off your feet before they take one more step in your home!

Well, there you have it folks! Consider these options and you'll be a few steps ahead (ha! get it?!) of the wintry mess that may visit your home. And if you want your place to really shine, give us a call! We'll take care of your home and give you more time to get cozy with your family this winter.

Five of our Favorite Cleaning Hacks

We've done the research for you so that you can learn a thing or two and get on with your day! We've scoured the internet and we've come up with a list of five of our favorite cleaning hacks. Without further ado...

Five of World Class Cleaning's Favorite Cleaning Hacks
  1.  Use a bowl of water to clean your microwave

    Instead of spraying a bunch of cleaners in the small space you use to heat up food, why not microwave a bowl of water in there to steam the inside of the microwave oven? The steam with loosen anything caked on the walls of the oven and allow you to wipe most things up with ease. Extra stubborn mess? Add a little bit of lemon juice to the bowl of water!
  2.  "Blend" soapy water in your blender to clean it

    You could meticulously get your hand and wrist and a soapy sponge down into the small space of the blender in an almost-futile attempt to get into every nook and cranny and remove every bit of food debris... or you could add some soap and water to your blender when you're done using it and press the "start" button! Or "pulse," or "puree," or "blend," or whatever the heck the button says, this will be a much faster way to get your blender clean! Afterward, hit it with a quick sponge-finish and your blender will be cleaner than you've seen it in some time.
  3.  Line the bottom of your trashcan with old newspaper

    This writer was not even aware of this cleaning hack until it came time to do some research for this article!  Needless to say, there will be some old newspaper lining the bottom of a trash can very soon! This will make it easier for you to stay on top of that mess (and odor) that accumulates on the bottom of the garbage bin.
  4.  Fight oil with oil

    Ah, the old adage, "oil and water don't mix." It's true! And it applies to those grease stains that accumulate around your kitchen range. Those cabinets above the range, are they getting kind of greasy? Use a paper towel coated with a bit of olive oil and gently rub until clean. Oil collects oil; the clean olive oil removes the grease and is good for the wood of your cabinet, too! This same principle works with the pores of your face and coconut oil, too: rub just a bit of coconut oil on the tips of your fingers until melted, and then rub in gently onto your face. Splash your face with a bit of lukewarm water and gently pat dry with a towel -- the clean coconut oil replaces the natural (and somewhat dirty) oil in the pores of your skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh!
  5. Use a dry towel in the dryer

    This one is so simple! Place a dry, fluffy towel in the dryer with your wet laundry and let 'er rip. The towel will collect some of the moisture from the wet clothes and reduce the time (and, more importantly, the energy) it takes for your dryer to dry your clothes. There is one rarely-mentioned caveat, though! Take the towel out after about fifteen minutes! If you leave it in for the whole cycle it may be counter-effective. If you're really into this idea, you could also consider investing in a pack of dryer balls. Do a quick Google search for "wool dryer balls" and the first result to pop up will yield a product with 14.7 thousand reviews and a 4.6 star rating!

There you have it, folks! We hope you've learned a thing (or five!) from today's article, and we hope you're stoked to get your house a little bit cleaner. When you're ready to take things to the next level, give us a call and hand the reigns over to our professional cleaners! You'll have a clean home and a lot more free time -- what a win-win!

Happy Thanksgiving! Did a Relative Spill a Glass of Red Wine? Remove the Stain with these Simple Steps!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We hope everyone is enjoying their holiday this week. Was Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? It's quite a privilege but it can also bring a lot of stress to a holiday that should be all about de-stressing. Especially stressful is the occasional accident that may somehow damage your favorite couch or throw rug or divan -- an accident such as a spilled glass of red wine, for example. In an effort to save you time we've done the research for you and when it comes to lifting that wine stain we've boiled it down to two great options!

  1. Get on that spill as quickly as possible!
    This is key. If you can address the spill as soon as it happens you'll have much better fortune removing that stain.
    As SOON as you can, grab one of these:Salt
    Club Soda
    Cat Litter
    Hot Water
    Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

    If you're going with salt, for example, this WikiHow article lays out some handy steps regarding its application:"Salt is the preferred stain removal method, but works best when applied within two minutes of spillage. If the wine has not yet completely soaked into the fabric, the salt crystals should easily absorb the red wine.
    As most natural fabrics, such as cotton, denim and linen, absorb faster than synthetic materials, stains on natural fabrics should be tended to with more haste than synthetic."
  2. What if that infernal stain has already dried?!

    If Aunt Sue spilled that glass of red and forgot to tell you until a few hours later, don't fret -- you still have options! According to the same WikiHow article there are actually some nifty things you can use that you likely have laying around the house!
    Items such as:Shaving Cream
    White Wine and Baking Soda

    If you go with the shaving cream option, do the following:
    "Flatten the shaving cream into the fabric with the back of a spoon before washing the fabric as usual.
    Shaving cream’s thick, foamy texture combined with its cleansing components work wonders on tough stains — saturating and lifting the stain from the fabric." Whoa!

Well, there you have it! Good luck lifting those stains, and hey, if you'd rather spend your time relaxing by the fire with your family this holiday season, don't hesitate to give us a call!

Fall Cleanup Checklist — Get Ready for Winter!

Autumn is here! The leaves are looking beautiful and one-by-one they're dropping to the ground. Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is on the horizon -- after that, it's winter! "Spring cleaning" is a big deal and, in this writer's opinion, TONS of fun -- but when winter comes you'll be spending a LOT more time indoors, so why not do some fall cleaning!

What can you do to prepare?


  • Check the caulk around your windows and doors.
  • Clean and store patio furniture, umbrellas, outdoor toys, etc.
  • Check the exterior doors -- do they close tightly? If not, consider installing weather stripping.
  • Drain and store your garden hoses.
  • Check your gutters and downspouts! Get all those leaves out now, and it will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Consider installing or replacing"gutter guards."


  • Focus on cleaning up the "public" parts of the house where people will be spending the most time.
  • Prepare your kitchen for holiday cooking! Any appliance taking up valuable counter-space that you haven't used in the past few weeks -- consider putting it away and freeing up space.
  • Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum those dusty coils!
  • Replace your central air conditioning filters and buy new filters to last you through the winter -- consider replacing those filters every month during those times your central air system is getting a TON of use. This will cut down on your electricity bill and ensure you're breathing in air less laden with dust and debris.
  • Stock up on de-icing salt and, if necessary, a new snow shovel now. Why wait until the conditions are dangerous and those supplies are flying off the shelves?

Well, there you have it, folks! Get ready now and you'll be ready to settle into a nice, cozy winter. And if you'd like a hand with cleaning up the house? Give us a call and we'll be happy to do the cleaning while you relax in your cozy home with your family!


One less chore for you to do: Leave the leaves alone!

Hey, folks! So, for a lot of people out there, if you grew up with a lawn... then you were told that you have to rake the leaves to keep the grass healthy over winter. You were told that if you don't rake the leaves then the grass would "suffocate." Well over here at World Class Cleaning, we're all about making your life as easy as possible. The less you have to do come weekend-time, the more time you have to yourself! With that in mind, let us present to you our argument against you picking up that rake.

Fallen leaves are a "mini-ecosystem"
According to an article by IFLScience, "autumn leaves create a mini ecosystem that provides a home for a whole host of cute critters, including box turtles and chipmunks. At the same time, layers of decomposing leaves tend to harbor large quantities of butterfly pupae. By getting rid of these, you risk depriving birds of a vital food source in the form of caterpillars in the spring, while also denying yourself the company of the butterflies themselves later in the year." Think of the butterflies!!!!!!

Those leaves are "mulch" for your grass
According to Mother News Network, "instead of raking the leaves, wait until they’re good and crunchy (ripe for jumping into), and then mow the leaves into little pieces. Then, you can just leave them! The leaves will serve as mulch and will protect the soil around your trees, shrubs, or garden. Research done at Michigan State actually shows that leaving the leaves on your yard in such a manner not only does your lawn no harm; it can actually impede weed growth."

Unless you're composting the leaves yourself, they'll likely end up in a landfill
Throwing away leaves is so wasteful! According to, "the Environmental Protection Agency reported that in 2011, yard trimmings accounted for 13.5% of solid waste (approximately 33 million tons). Don’t let your leaves be wasted, they have critical benefits to wildlife and your garden." If you live in Richmond, this article asks that you bring your leaves to the Maury Street Landfill, so you know they're not getting composted!

There you have it, folks! Just some food for thought -- take it or leaf it! And if you want even more time to yourself, give us a call! We'll make your home shine and let you take back your weekends!

Bonus: Think "local!" and check out this video from Richmond's Science Museum of Virginia!