World Class Weekly #23, Tips on Getting that Garage Nice & Tidy

Best Tips To Organize Your Garage

Folks, Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said it best: with great power comes great responsibility. You’ve been dreaming for years now, dreaming of many things, but among those dreams is the goal to one day have a nice garage. But many people, perhaps you included, finally get that garage and end up filling it so full of junk that you start to avoid even going in there! But don’t worry, World Class Cleaning Services is here with some tried & true easy ideas and best tips to organize your garage. Let’s get to it!

#1 Tip to Organize Your Garage: Re-Purpose Pallets To Create a Storage Organization System

Some of these suggestions are DIY, some are store-bought. This one is definitely on the DIY side of things. You could pile all of your long-handled tools into a weird corner pile-up, or you could try re-purposing pallets to create a yard tool storage and organization system. If this isn’t tidy enough for you, read on for our next suggestion.

Tip #1 To Organize Your Garage: Re-use pallets to create a storage system
Tip #2 To Organize Your Garage: Install a Tool Wall Storage Rack

#2 Tip to Organize Your Garage: Install A Tool Wall Storage Rack

Instead of going the DIY route you could try an OMNI tool storage rack or any other similar solution found at any hardware store, Target, etc. Heads up! Keep reading because the next storage tip is going sky-high. Or, ceiling-high at least.

#3 Tip to Organize Your Garage: Use Plywood Ceiling Shelves

Many of us forget about leveraging unused ceiling space as storage. With a little elbow grease and a ladder, you can build plywood ceiling shelves for even more storage. If using a saw and hammer has you nervous, try our next idea.

Tip #3 To Organize Your Garage: Use plywood ceiling shelves
Tip #4 To Organize Your Garage: Use a Ceiling Storage Rack Kit

#4 Tip to Organize Your Garage: Use a Ceiling Storage Rack Kit

These can be purchased from any big box hardware store as well as on Amazon. Need bike-storage too? We all know those two-wheeled joy machines can take up a lot of garage space, which brings us to our next suggestion…

#5 Tip to Organize Your Garage: Use Storage Hooks

Cost effective storage hooks are the BEST for stealth storage, especially items horizontal items that can be stored vertically – like your bike. Get some fresh air and pedal to your neighborhood hardware store to score these inexpensive gems. These versatile hooks can be mounted on the walls (make sure to use two for each bike for safe storage), mounted on the ceiling with the bike hanging vertically from one hook, or use two hooks in your ceiling to hang your bike horizontally. There are certainly more sexy bike storage solutions out there, but they’re also 5x the cost of these handy storage pals. Read on for our last dreamy and inexpensive garage organization solution for your tool collection.

Tip #5 To Organize Your Garage: Use storage hooks
Tip #6 To Organize Your Garage: Use Pegboards To Organize & Store Your Tools

#6 Tip to Organize Your Garage: Use Pegboards To Organize & Store Your Tools & Gadgets

Pegboards and hooks are a simple customizable solution for keeping your assortment of gadgets and tools organized. You can easily add more pegboards and hooks as your storage needs grow.

Thanks for joining us, folks! We hope you learned a thing or two and, as always, consider reaching out to us for a quote! 804-201-4010

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