Drafty Door or Window? Five Easy Ways to Stop those Drafts!

This Virginia weather has gone from frigid to somewhat agreeable to frigid to “Hey, it’s not so bad out today!” And it will certainly keep flip-flopping! But when those frigid temps hit, and the evenings are in the single digits Fahrenheit, is your home up to snuff? Oftentimes strong drafts can seep in through improperly sealed doors and windows — this can lead to an increase in your home heating costs as your HVAC system tries to keep up with those drafts. We’ve got five quick n’ easy fixes for those pesky drafts. Let’s check ’em out!


  • Check those hinges
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    Folks this first one is so easy! Check those hinges! A loose hinge causing your door to hang at a slight angle could be all it takes to allow that frigid arctic wind to seep into your home.
  • Replace or add weatherstripping 

    Weatherstripping comes in myriad forms, but most –if not all– of it is fairly easy to install. The picture above beautifully illustrates the wonder of weatherstripping — it obviously seals the draft allowed in through that space between the door and the door casing; but it also provides a nice, clean look! If this is an option you’re interested in pursuing, but are uncertain how to get started, check out this video from Today’s Homeowner.
  • Install a sweep
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    The basic steps are simple:
    1. Measure door width.
    2. Mark and cut to length (if necessary) the new door sweep.
    3. Drill pilot holes.
    4. Loosely attach.
    5. Tighten screws.

    Bada-bing, bada-boom! The sweep covers that gap left between your door and its threshold or sill. If you don’t have a threshold running across the entryway of your exterior doors, that is also something to consider adding. Fun fact: door thresholds are called “door saddles” in the U.K. They’re so wacky!

  • Not as elegant but highly effective: window film

    Stretch the film across the windows and casing, use a blow drier to shrink-seal that film over your windows, remove film come springtime. For the larger windows get somebody to give you a hand hanging the film! And last, but certainly not least:
  • Invest in insulated curtains

    Thermal curtains feature a layer of acrylic foam between the double or triple layers of fabric to provide insulation, making these curtains ideal for winter months or drafty windows. And if you like to “sleep in”: thermal curtains can also dampen sound and block out sunlight. Furthermore, they’ll prevent interior “heat gain” from all that sunshine you’ll be getting come summertime. As a matter of fact, all of these tips work for keeping cool air in.

Well, that about wraps it up, folks. Like we told you, all of these tips are eezy-peezy! And with all of that money you’ll be saving on your home heating (and summertime cooling!), this might give you a good excuse to give us a call — we’ll do the cleaning while you take back your weekends!