Happy Birthday, Chuck Taylor! (+How to Properly Clean those Kicks)

How To Clean Your Shoes

It’s always frustrating when getting mud, dirt, and road dust on our shoes, especially if they are light or white in color…or new even! Here’s our tried and true method for how to clean your shoes in five easy steps.

Step #1: Remove Your Shoe Laces

Removing your shoelaces will make it easier to thoroughly clean your shoes. After removing your shoe laces, let them soak separately in a small container filled with warm water and a bit of detergent.

Step #2: Rinse In Cold Water

Drench your white shoes in cold water (cold water prevents any stains from setting in or any colors from running). You can either rinse them under a running faucet or put them into a large bucket or basin of cold water.

Remove your shoelaces and rinse your shoes with cold water to clean your shoes
Make a paste with baking soda to clean your shoes

Step #3: Make A Paste With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Next, mix two parts baking soda with three parts white vinegar in a glass or plastic bowl to create a thin, foamy paste. Note: Do not use a metal bowl or spoon during the process. Metal will react negatively to the vinegar. Need an alternative to baking soda and vinegar? Trying using powder laundry detergent or liquid laundry detergent.

Step #4: Scrub Away

Thoroughly scrub the white fabric on your shoes with the baking soda/vinegar paste (or detergent) using a clean toothbrush or nail brush. Make sure you scrub the entire canvas surface of the shoes, focusing on any dirty areas.

#Step 5: Rinse In Cold Water

Thoroughly rinse the paste off of your shoes with cold water.

#Step 6: Toss Your Shoes Into The Washing Machine

Place your shoes inside the washing machine with detergent. Run the machine on a full cycle with cold water. If you are worried about your shoes banging around the washing machine, then you can wrap them in a laundry bag before placing them in the machine.

#Step 7: Let Your Shoes Air Dry After Washing

Post washing machine, let your shoes air dry and do not place them in the dryer or near excessive heat. The heat will result in the shoes losing their shape.

Step #7: Air dry your shoes after cleaning and washing

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