One less chore for you to do: Leave the leaves alone!

Hey, folks! So, for a lot of people out there, if you grew up with a lawn… then you were told that you have to rake the leaves to keep the grass healthy over winter. You were told that if you don’t rake the leaves then the grass would “suffocate.” Well over here at World Class Cleaning, we’re all about making your life as easy as possible. The less you have to do come weekend-time, the more time you have to yourself! With that in mind, let us present to you our argument against you picking up that rake.

Fallen leaves are a “mini-ecosystem”
According to an article by IFLScience, “autumn leaves create a mini ecosystem that provides a home for a whole host of cute critters, including box turtles and chipmunks. At the same time, layers of decomposing leaves tend to harbor large quantities of butterfly pupae. By getting rid of these, you risk depriving birds of a vital food source in the form of caterpillars in the spring, while also denying yourself the company of the butterflies themselves later in the year.” Think of the butterflies!!!!!!

Those leaves are “mulch” for your grass
According to Mother News Network, “instead of raking the leaves, wait until they’re good and crunchy (ripe for jumping into), and then mow the leaves into little pieces. Then, you can just leave them! The leaves will serve as mulch and will protect the soil around your trees, shrubs, or garden. Research done at Michigan State actually shows that leaving the leaves on your yard in such a manner not only does your lawn no harm; it can actually impede weed growth.”

Unless you’re composting the leaves yourself, they’ll likely end up in a landfill
Throwing away leaves is so wasteful! According to, “the Environmental Protection Agency reported that in 2011, yard trimmings accounted for 13.5% of solid waste (approximately 33 million tons). Don’t let your leaves be wasted, they have critical benefits to wildlife and your garden.” If you live in Richmond, this article asks that you bring your leaves to the Maury Street Landfill, so you know they’re not getting composted!

There you have it, folks! Just some food for thought — take it or leaf it! And if you want even more time to yourself, give us a call! We’ll make your home shine and let you take back your weekends!

Bonus: Think “local!” and check out this video from Richmond’s Science Museum of Virginia!