Partnering with Cleaning for a Reason

Did you know that we donate a percentage of the proceeds from the homes we clean to Cleaning for a Reason? We’ve got an interview with Stephanie Floyd, owner and operator of World Class Cleaning; and we’re discussing what Cleaning for a Reason is, and how hiring us to keep your home clean and tidy also benefits cleaning the homes of women battling cancer.

So we’re here to discuss your partnership with Cleaning for a Reason. For those who don’t know, what is this organization?
Cleaning for a Reason is a nonprofit organization that partners with local cleaning companies to offer cleaning services to women battling cancer. We do anything in the house that the customer would like us to do. From washing laundry, to doing dishes, going through canned goods that might be expired, organizing work spaces, cleaning out refrigerators — we do it all. Each visit, the customer gets 4 hours of cleaning. So we ask that the customer prepares a priority list of what they would like cleaned in their home.
We don’t get any payment for these cleanings. We pay our staff, but we don’t receive any payment. From our paid cleanings we donate proceeds to Cleaning for a Reason, and we’re always looking for extra donations!

To ask a rather personal question, what is your experience with cancer that has led to such personal passion regarding the subject?
My aunt had pancreatic cancer and passed away from it. She struggled to keep up with housework amongst other things. I didn’t know about Cleaning for a Reason at the time, and once I found out about the program I definitely knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I knew of my aunts struggle and I wanted to do my best to make the battle a little less stressful.

How long have you been offering this service?
We’ve been offering free cleanings for seven years.

And for how many women have you provided these free cleanings?
About 240 women!

How does somebody get in touch with Cleaning for a Reason and request services from World Class Cleaning?
A family member or friend of the patient can call (877) 337-3348 and request World Class Cleaning, and Cleaning for a Reason will contact us directly.

Stephanie, thank you for your time and thank you for what you do! 240 women is no small number and we’re proud to be a part of a team doing something so wonderful for the community around us. To learn more about Cleaning for a Reason visit