World Class Weekly #29, Taking it One Step at a Time

Taking Your Cleaning One Step at a Time

Cleaning does not have to be ALL or NOTHING. Many people put off their cleaning until they can do it all at once but we’re here to tell you that this method ain’t it, chief. Rather than waiting for that rare occasion when you have  all the time in the world to accomplish all your cleaning goals, why not organize and motivate yourself to do a little bit o’ cleaning throughout the week? Check out our 5 tips below and let us know what you think!

#1 Be Conscious of Time Commitments 

Right off the bat here’s a general life tip: be conscious of the time commitments you make. There’s only so much time in a week and if you’re spreading yourself too thin throughout the week, well then how in the world are you going to make the time for yourself to tidy up?

Use A Dry Sponge To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

#2 Gather your Cleaning Tools 

Get everything together that you might need for any given cleaning task — how many attempts at being responsible and organized were thwarted by lack of preparation? 

#3 Create a Weekly Llist

You know what needs to be done around the house. There are some long term goals you’ve been neglecting to start, there are weekly goals as well — some that you don’t mind doing, and some that you abhor.Identify these items individually in a list that you can reference. 

Using a rubber glove to clean pet hair from furniture

#4 Clean and Declutter a Little Every Day

Now that you’ve  got your supplies ready and your list of cleaning action items is ready to go, it’s time to take a few minutes every day to reach your cleaning goals. Find what works best for you — maybe every day you set a time for 10 minutes and go around the house decluttering, and then devote another 10 minutes to a quick scrub of one room in particular — the bathroom, for example. 

#5 Speaking of  Declutter…

Folks there’s a reason Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of tidying up has become such a persistent cultural reference point. Many of us own a lot of “things,” and downsizing your possessions is a great way to prevent messes from developing in the first place. Give it a shot! 

Keep Pets Off Furniture To Keep Clean Of Fur

Thanks for joining us, folks! We hope you learned a thing or two and, as always, consider reaching out to us for a quote! 804-201-4010

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