The Maid Service Experience

So, I finally broke down and did it. “What?”, you ask. Hired a housekeeper. I know this sounds weird because I own a maid service; however, up until last week, I never used one. Ironic, I know. I picked one of my cleaning technicians who had an opening in her schedule, handed her a work order and let her go. The whole thing was quite strange for me: I kept checking on her, ran around trying to pick up random items and place them where they belong, washed dishes etc. Now this was probably silly to her because my house cleaning was on the schedule a week before her arrival. She would never say this but I am sure she was thinking, “Go sit down and get out of my way; You should have been prepared”.

I remember a time, when frantic homeowners ran around during their first cleaning. They would say things like, “I am so sorry for the mess” and “let me get this out of your way”. I never understood why the homeowner felt so compelled to wash dishes, launder clothes or clean out the closet when I arrived. I mean it was as though they purposely timed it so they could run around and stress out during what is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Well, now I know, this behavior is inevitable.

In the end, my house was spectacular. My technician rocked! It was so relaxing to know that all of the hard work had been done. I did not have to dust the furniture, vacuum the floors, or clean the bathrooms. It was all done for me and that feeling is priceless and so the saga begins…