Three Top Tips to “Winterize” Your Entryway

The countdown is on! Winter solstice is at 11:28 AM on December 21st. You’re about to be cooped up in your home all winter long, and that means it’s gonna take a little more effort to keep things tidy. Instead of just staying on top of the cleaning, why not take some measures to prevent some of the dirt and dust entering your home? A good place to start is that very entryway people use to come into your home — your front door! We’ve got three handy-dandy tips on winterizing your entryway!

  1. Get a boot scraper!

    Not pictured: All that dirty black snow that may accumulate on your duck boots — why not scrape it  all off before you even get in your home? And when we have a warm weather spike after snow, well then, there may very well be mud everywhere. Stop it in its tracks! Put this bad boy on your front porch and you’re good to go.
  2. Get a tough-as-heck Coir “Welcome” mat

    Wait, what is Coir?! It’s a natural fiber extracted from coconut husk. The Coir fibers are extracted from between the outer shell and hard internal shell of the coconut; and are then screened, graded, washed and compressed into bricks. These door mats are sustainable, durable, look good, and will serve as a good way to get those boots and shoes even cleaner once they’ve run through your new boot scraper. But what’s the next step after the mat?
  3. Bring in a bench!

    Add some flair to your foyer with a bench that also serves as a spot to take a quick seat and get those boots (or shoes) off your feet before they take one more step in your home!

Well, there you have it folks! Consider these options and you’ll be a few steps ahead (ha! get it?!) of the wintry mess that may visit your home. And if you want your place to really shine, give us a call! We’ll take care of your home and give you more time to get cozy with your family this winter.