Three Top Tips to “Winterize” Your Entryway

3 Tips To Winterize Your Entryway & Foyer

Winter is here, snow is on its way, and it’s going to take more effort to keep things tidy, particularly if you don’t have a mudroom. Instead of just staying on top of the house cleaning, why not take some measures to prevent some of the dirt and dust entering your home? A good place to start is that very entryway people use to come into your home — your front door! We’ve got three handy-dandy tips on winterize your entryway & foyer!

Tip #1 – Get a Boot Scraper to Help Keep Your Entryway Clean

Stop snow and mud in it’s tracks! Placing a boot scraper on your front porch or near your driveway will help keep all that mess outside and your floors clean inside.

Winterize Your Entryway & Foyer - keep dirt outside and your entryway clean with a boot scraper
Winterize Your Entryway & Foyer and keep dirt outside and your entryway clean with a Coir welcome mat

#2 Welcome your guests with a Coir Doormat

Wait, what is Coir?! It’s a natural fiber extracted from coconut husk. The Coir fibers are extracted from between the outer shell and hard internal shell of the coconut; and are then screened, graded, washed and compressed into bricks. These door mats are sustainable, durable, look good, and will serve as a good way to get those boots and shoes even cleaner once they’ve run through your new boot scraper. 

#3 Place a Bench in Your Foyer

Add some flair to your entryway with a bench that also serves as a spot to take a quick seat and get those boots (or shoes) off your feet before they take one more step in your home!

Place a bench in your foyer to take off shoes and boots

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