Happy Thanksgiving! Did a Relative Spill a Glass of Red Wine? Remove the Stain with these Simple Steps!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We hope everyone is enjoying their holiday this week. Was Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? It’s quite a privilege but it can also bring a lot of stress to a holiday that should be all about de-stressing. Especially stressful is the occasional accident that may somehow damage your favorite couch or throw rug or divan — an accident such as a spilled glass of red wine, for example. In an effort to save you time we’ve done the research for you and when it comes to lifting that wine stain we’ve boiled it down to two great options!

  1. Get on that spill as quickly as possible!
    This is key. If you can address the spill as soon as it happens you’ll have much better fortune removing that stain.
    As SOON as you can, grab one of these:Salt
    Club Soda
    Cat Litter
    Hot Water
    Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

    If you’re going with salt, for example, this WikiHow article lays out some handy steps regarding its application:”Salt is the preferred stain removal method, but works best when applied within two minutes of spillage. If the wine has not yet completely soaked into the fabric, the salt crystals should easily absorb the red wine.
    As most natural fabrics, such as cotton, denim and linen, absorb faster than synthetic materials, stains on natural fabrics should be tended to with more haste than synthetic.”
  2. What if that infernal stain has already dried?!

    If Aunt Sue spilled that glass of red and forgot to tell you until a few hours later, don’t fret — you still have options! According to the same WikiHow article there are actually some nifty things you can use that you likely have laying around the house!
    Items such as:Shaving Cream
    White Wine and Baking Soda

    If you go with the shaving cream option, do the following:
    “Flatten the shaving cream into the fabric with the back of a spoon before washing the fabric as usual.
    Shaving cream’s thick, foamy texture combined with its cleansing components work wonders on tough stains — saturating and lifting the stain from the fabric.” Whoa!

Well, there you have it! Good luck lifting those stains, and hey, if you’d rather spend your time relaxing by the fire with your family this holiday season, don’t hesitate to give us a call!