Seventeen FUN things you can do while we clean your home!

Hey, friends! While we at World Class Cleaning are beautifying your home, we were wondering… What are some fun things *you* can do in the  3-4 hours it takes us to get our job done?

So here is a list of SEVENTEEN fun things you can do in that timeframe!

  • Take a trip to Maymont Park and say “hi” to all the animals there!


  • Take your computer to a cafe and catch up on all your email


  • Grab some coffee with a friend!


  • Hit some breweries– there are over 20 in Richmond, how many can you hit in 240 minutes?


  • 3-4 hours might be all it takes to plan a fun weekend trip for you and some friends!


  • Pick up that book you’ve been neglecting. Don’t have one? Might be time to hit the library!


  • Catch a movie– might we suggest the Byrd Theater?


  • Take a walk around Carytown, highlights include Chop Suey Books and World of Mirth


  • Maybe it’s time to hit the gym!


  • Volunteer with your favorite charity!


  • Get yourself a new wardrobe– did somebody say Retail Therapy???


  • Where’s the best tea in Richmond? You tell us!


  • You’ll have more than enough time to get all your grocery shopping done, maybe you can browse a local farmers market? South of the James Market is always a hit!


  • Catch a museum– top picks include VMFA, the Valentine, and the Science Museum of Virginia


  • Hand-write and send five thank-you notes to people who support you.


  • Begin your plans for world domination — with a clean home you’ll feel like you’re already halfway there!


  • Park your car at the Great Shiplock Park in Shockoe Bottom and take the Canal Walk to Browns Island and then walk across the new Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge


  • Last but not least… Clean your home! Just kidding, we’re doing that for you!unnamed